Monday, May 19, 2014

First 5k of the season

First 5k of the season was this past Thursday. The race I did on Thursday was the same race that was my first ever 5k last year. It was so much more enjoyable this time around! I did it alone because my friend had to bail at the last minute, but I was okay with that. I finished in 46min according to my phone and 51min according to their official clock. Last year according to them I finished in 54ish minutes so I am okay with my time.
My next 5k is the cross country one that I did last year where I thought I was going to die. My goal this time around is to beat my time from last year which was 48min. I am getting stronger and able to run for longer periods of time so my hopes are high for the June cross country race.

I have been double thinking my idea to attempt the half marathon. I struggle keeping a 15min mile pace and anything over 7miles is sooo boring to me! I was truly questioning my capability to complete this goal. That was until this weekend :-)

Saturday morning I slept until 10am (that never happens!) I got up slow, ate, did some cleaning yada yada. Around 12ish I got ready to hit the track for 7 miles. When I got there it was occupied by a lacrosse game. Oh great I thought. I started through the neighborhoods around the school. Very soon after, my phone buzzed from a text and I noticed after 6min I was already at .50. Jokingly to myself I thought "if I keep this up I could do a mile in12min." Next thing I know my phone states "one mile completed. Time 13:37! WTF!!!! That is THE fastest I have ever done a mile in my life! So the remainder of my 7 miles I worked my ass off to manage a 15min mile. In the end my average pace was15:46 and I am cool with that.
I don't know if it is because I slept so late but it was an amazing wog!

Biggest loser is on week 3 at work and I am down 5lbs so far! Things are good!

I'll check in soon, hopefully before mg next 5k!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

So much motivation

I have been working very hard on my running to prepare for the half marathon in September. Since I found out there is a 15min mile limit I need to get my but in gear.
Yesterday I did my first mile in 14:29 and some woman who had been walking behind me stopped and told me I was awesome and gave me a high five.
This afternoon a part time girl at my office told me she was going to try running today because I talk about it so much. So touching!
I also facilitated our office to do a biggest loser starting May 1st. We each put 25$ in and a nurse at the office will weigh us once a week and keep track on a spread sheet. At the end of the 60 days the one who's lost the most percentage wise wins the money (not to mention the unwanted weight!)
Needless to say things are going well!  :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pint's and Halfs

Things are going very well this week. It took a major fail to hop back on the wagon.

I have been doing very well overall for the past three weeks sticking to my training program and staying on track with food.
Sunday I fell hard tho...

After skipping my scheduled 10mile walk and getting fried food for dinner topped off with a pint of ice cream for dessert I felt like the biggest failure ever come Monday morning.

By lunch time Monday I had downloaded "My fitness pal" and after work got in a 2.5 mile wog.

I feel much better and I feel my mind is back on track.

I have noticed a small pattern with this behavior, but I am focused on turning it back around.

I plan to wog after work tomorrow and get in my 10miles this weekend.

I found the half marathon I want to do but I also discovered there is a time limit of 3:15 which breaks down to a 15 minute mile.

Luckily I have until September, but this summer will not allow for many slip up's. I have lots of training to do to get my down to a 15min mile (or less)  :-)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Week 10 of 12

I know I have been gone for a while but all is well. I am on week 10 of my 12 week training program for walking a half marathon. I have stuck to the program almost 100%. I think out of the 10 weeks I have only skipped 5 days.

I am pushing myself harder when wogging (walking and jogging) and I have been doing very well with the temptations of unhealthy food at work.

I am down 7lbs since starting my training program and I am so happy about that. I need to loose about 15 more pounds to get back down to where I was last summer but I have no doubt I will get there and continue to stay on track.

Here is a pic of today's walk. My legs feel like jello and by the end I was walking like I was drunk but I am so proud of myself.

I plan to try and update my blog at least once a month. With my new job and now this training I am unable to write weekly like I used to. I greatly appreciate all the support tho!!   :)

Once I am used to the bigger miles i would like to work on time. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ready or not!

Okay today is Sunday. That means tomorrow is Monday, which is the only acceptable day to start a diet in my twisted mind.

I have chicken cooking as I speak in preparation for my healthy week ahead. Grilled chicken salads for lunch all week which I love, and with all the prep work already done, there is no excuses.

My goal this week is to exercise twice a day for 3 days and once a day for two days this week. Also no crap food. Healthy, necessary fuel only.

Ready or not here we go!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Six Months Too Long

I have not posted since I began my new job SIX MONTHS AGO?!!!??

I am very upset with myself for not staying on top of this blog. My new job is very demanding and I am mentally burnt by the time I get home. I do love the job though. The work is everything I have ever wanted and my co-workers make it so much fun.

My weight however has been compromised. I have gained almost 20lbs since starting my new job.
I was doing "okay" until the end of October when I got into a car accident. Some young kid doing at least 90mph on the highway slammed into the back of my car. I am okay psychically, but mentally it has been a struggle. I did suffer some whip lash and I am still working on getting my neck back to normal.

Since starting the new job, exercise slowly came to a stop and it did not take long for the office snacks to become part of my daily routine. Once the accident happened it has been a huge struggle to get back to my positive ways. The holidays and winter in general have always been a time I fail at weight loss so the timing of the accident could not have been worse.

Between August and now I did do a 5k in October completing with my fastest time yet and on Thanksgiving morning I did a 5k  with not too bad of time but not my best. I also completed my goal of hiking the trail I did in college with no breaks!! I have gotten some exercise equipment in my basement which makes it a little easier, but of course I have found excuses.

Hike In October

Not looking too bad in September

Thanksgiving Day 5k (freezing!!)

Since December I have been completely out of control with my eating and only working out once a week at the most. Last week I contracted some sort of flu and I am still home sick today which is allowing me to write this post.

I am looking at this flu as a life saver. Although I was pretty sure I was about to die I am thankful for the opportunity. This flu has allowed me to drop a few pounds which I am going to use as a kick start to getting my ass back on track.

I have not had coffee, chocolate, or anything really "bad" in the last four days. I am looking at it as a clean slate and a new chance to start 2014 off on a good note. I was never a big New Year person but there is something about this year that makes me want to reflect back on 2014 and make sure I have a smile on my face when I do.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Temptation like Woah!

Before I dive into catching up on my blog reading and seeing what all of YOU have been up-too, I decided to give a quick update.

I started my new job at a mental health center.  Today is my one week mark. Learning a new job sucks, but it is very interesting and I am loving it so far.

My only issue is the food temptation. I AM NOT JUDGING ANY OF MY NEW CO-WORKERS, I am just saying it how it is. Everyday I have been there so far they have ordered out for food. I have seen everything from donuts and cheetos to pizza and French fries. EVERYONE drinks soda, no one drinks water. No one. It is temptation city but so far I am holding my ground. Oh and did I mention that everyday at 3:00pm a woman goes around with a basket of candy to hand out to everyone. EVERYDAY!!! What The Fu**!! But I am doing great so eat on sistah friends.

I have stuck with my carb cycling this week and I have made it a point to exercise everyday. Monday and Wednesday I was up at 5:00am to squeeze in a work out video. Every night this week in addition to my morning work outs I have also gone for a run.

I am taking full advantage of this nice weather while it lasts.

I am feeling great and doing great and I intend to keep this trend going. Everyone at my new jobs gives me positive feedback and they think I am this wonder woman for being able to stick with my diet and exercise so regularly. I don’t want to give anyone a reason to think otherwise.

Anywho that is all. I am drained by the end of my day and there is little to no down time so this blog will defiantly become neglected, but I will do my best to give updates. J